Real Estate Software Solutions: Should You Build vs. Buy Software?

Updated: Nov 3

Your business has a problem, and you are looking to solve the problem. Perhaps you have data in various systems but no easy way to manage the data to make quick and effective decisions.

You essentially have two choices - build vs. buy software?

At SkyeTopia, we can help in both the build and buy. Sometimes, the ideal solution is even both. We are experienced in building new end-to-end solutions with existing software integrations and building software to fill gaps. For example, perhaps you need a Loan Origination System (LOS) but also need a rule engine to ensure your loan meets the various state and federal guidelines? We can help you with both.

After reading this brief article, you’ll have greater insight into making the right decision for your company’s future.

The case for build vs. buy software comes down to these top considerations: Customization, Control, Cost, Compatibility, and the Opportunity Cost of building. Many of the solutions available today for real estate are SaaS solutions (Software as a service)

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