Why Choose SkyeTopia?

Are you thinking big? How many users do you expect for your SaaS application?

It is critical your new software is built for the future today. As your business grows, so does complexity and cost of the solution.

At SkyeTopia, we build your new application ready to scale as needed, without destroying your profit with skyrocketing costs.

Traditional Costs as application scales

Typical difficulty and Cost as SaaS application scales
Typical difficulty and Cost as SaaS application scales

SkyeTopia Reduces Cost At Scale

Your new custom software solution from SkyeTopia can be developed in a way that fits your budget now and built to handle the future!

SkyeTopia Solution Reduces SaaS Cost At Scale
SkyeTopia Solution Reduces SaaS Cost At Scale

No outsourcing – All Built in America

We will never outsource your work. All our staff is based in the United States, and most located in California.

  • Your business secrets are fully protected by US Law
  • The people you work with, will not just be a phone number or an e-mail address. You will meet many of our team members.
  • Since we are not employing offshore staff on a project basis, the knowledge of your solution stays with our US based team for years to come.

Technical Proficiencies

Interested in the technical details?
In addition to our scaling architecture. SkyeTopia staff are experts in:

  • Web Services and Microservices
  • Security and Encryption
  • Latest HTML and CSS design techniques
  • Responsive Design (Supports desktop, mobile, tablets, etc.)
  • SQL DBs
  • NoSQL DBs
  • C#
  • JavaScript
  • Software as a service (SaaS)

Rapid Development and Testing

At SkyeTopia, we approach development and testing together, not as separate monolithic activities. Our test-driven development process ensure our software does what you want with repeatable testing throughout our software process.

Repeatable Testing
Repeatable Testing

Managing your project

Software development experts will manage your project from beginning to end with full accountability and transparency.

Summary of project management activities:

  • Complete project management from start to end
  • Weekly status report of progress
  • Full documentation of your business requirements (May include functional prototypes to help your team visualize the final product)
  • Critical project milestones so you see progress during the development process
  • Agile methodology to adjust project as needed

Ready to get started? What happens next?

Arrange a free consultation with us to share your goals and ideas. The initial meeting will cover:

  • Learn about your business needs and goals, both short and long term
  • Open discussion with how we can help you meet your business goals
  • NDA (Non-disclosure agreement) if needed
    If after this meeting we both wish to move forward. SkyeTopia will present a proposal for our services.