Identifying pitfalls of software development
22 Jun

If you are in the software development field, then you have probably been involved in some of the following classic pitfalls during a software development project: Problem Perceived Solution Is the project running behind schedule? Add more people WRONG! Do we need to reduce the schedule? Adjust the schedule, make it more aggressive Are you working towards a tight schedule? Start coding as soon as possible Are you running out of time in the end? Reduce QA testing These are just some of the classic mistakes. I like to call these PPT - Process, People, and Technology. I for one, have made some of these mistakes. By writing them down and defining them, just like in history, we can learn from past mistakes and use them to guide future project planning and risk management. If this article saves just one project from failure, then it is worthwhile. 1.      Process Overly Optimistic Schedules Schedule creation is one of the primary sources of failure. More often than not, schedules are overly optimistic. Creating an over-optimistic schedule upfront can unnecessarily add pressure to the development and QA teams and ultimately result in a failure to deliver the project on time.  Pretty much no